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Team Williams/Family Video
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Team Williams/Family Video Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $2,000.00
Total Raised: $2,420.00

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I am a 4 year lung cancer survivor thanks to early detection. Most lung cancer patients are not as lucky as I have been. Due to my illness I became involved with the Lung Cancer Connection. It has been incredibly rewarding. I have become the board chairman and as such feel a huge responsibility to all lung cancer patients everywhere. The beauty of a small organization like ours is the feeling of family that you develop with everyone else in the organization. We have several members who are still in their fight with this devastating disease. We have many members who have lost loved ones to the disease. And sadly, we have lost some of our friends to the disease. But every year we raise more money. More money for patient education.
More money to give to local hospitals for early detection CT scans. More money to fund lung cancer support groups. And more money to donate to local hospitals and research centers for better treatments and maybe some day a cure. Please join us in our Walk/Run which is our largest fundraiser of the year. Also consider joining us as a volunteer or committee member. We are a small group trying to make a big difference!
Thank you!

Team Members:
Total Raised$2,420.00  
General Team Donation$785.00  
Roy Williams$395.00  
   Jordan Brawand$40.00  
   clydia carter$145.00  
   Heather Cox$50.00  
   Anna Dubbert$30.00  
   Bridget Dubbert$30.00  
   Jane Dubbert$10.00  
   Kyle Dubbert$30.00  
   ALICIA FRANCK$30.00  
   Amber Jacobs$30.00  
   Dru Jacobs$30.00  
   finn jacobs$10.00  
   Leslie Kiesler-Shine$30.00  
   Cory Krassinger$30.00  
   Kristin Marek$30.00  
   Miranda Morse$30.00  
   caleb porter$30.00  
   candy stallings$30.00  
   kent stallings$230.00  
   Kelli Stricklin$30.00  
   Scott Stricklin$30.00  
   Sophia Stricklin$10.00  
   Terry Walker$250.00  
   Glynelle Wells$30.00  
   Mary Williams$45.00  

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