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Join me in my efforts to support Lung Cancer Connection!

My name is Elizabeth Hicks and at the age of 28, as a never smoker with two young children I was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. After surgery to remove part of my lung , chemo and radiation, my cancer has returned in the other side of my lung now classifying me as a Stage 4 cancer patient. I am blessed for everyday that I have gotten to spend with my family . As the disease has progressed slowly I am fortunate enough not to have to do any treatment at this time. Lung cancer has forced me to live in the moment focusing on what really matters in life. Although I am forever changed physically and emotionally because of my lung cancer, I am also a more balanced person.

My father passed away from lung cancer 8 years ago at the age of 58. We also have lost an uncle to lung cancer. My poor mother has had to bury her husband and brother due to this terrible disease and now has to watch me suffer through it as well.

My two boys, Oliver and Charlie, now 4 and 6 have had to live with a mommy that in my opinion is less than' because of the physical and emotional impact of lung cancer. Although they are happy and healthy, lung cancer has definitely always been an unwanted visitor in our house.

My biggest worry for the future is missing out on my kids lives. I worry about my husband having to pick up the pieces when I am gone. I wish no one ever had to go through this.

Although I'm not sure a cure would help me much, I do worry because of the genetic factors in lung cancer about my kids. A cure
would mean my kids could be freed from this potential burden.

Lung cancer affects so many people, young and old, smokers and non smokers, women and men. Hopefully the stigma attached to lung cancer will go away when people start seeing people like me have to fight this beast along side so many others.

With support from my wonderful doctor, Dr. Govindan and the kind folks with the Lung Cancer connection we keep on keeping on.
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